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FHI 360 is a nonprofit human development organization dedicated to improving lives in lasting ways by advancing integrated, locally driven solutions. Our staff includes experts in health, education, nutrition, environment, economic development, civil society, gender, youth, research, technology, communication and social marketing - creating a unique mix of capabilities to address today's interrelated development challenges. FHI 360 serves more than 70 countries and all U.S. states and territories.We are currently seeking qualified candidates for the position below:Job Title: Monitoring and Evaluation SpecialistRequisition - 2018201152Location: AbujaPosition SummaryThe Nigeria A&T IYCF social and behavior change program focuses on improving rates of early initiation of breastfeeding, exclusive breastfeeding, timely introduction of complementary feeding, and minimum dietary diversity for infants over 6 months old. A&T will work across the public, commercial/private, and NGO sectors to improve IYCF through A&T’s four components: advocacy, interpersonal communication and community mobilization, mass communication, and strategic use of data.  At the national level, A&T will predominantly work with its public, private/commercial, and NGO sector partners (Scaling Up Nutrition and other national IYCF initiatives) to improve the implementation, monitoring, and enforcement of key IYCF policies (Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes; maternity leave; work place support; breastfeeding-friendly health care and delivery facilities). A&T will also work in twelve states through identified national associations to apply the four components to reach households, communities, and facilities with targeted, age-appropriate social and behavior change communication (SBCC) messaging on IYCF practices.At both the national level and in the states, while the emphasis will be to build the capacity of the public sector to improve IYCF practices, the involvement and resources from the private and commercial sectors will be pursued to advance IYCF policies, expand the promotion of positive social norms, and extend timed and age-appropriate behavior change messaging through private and commercial facilities to households and communities.Job DescriptionThe A&T Nigeria M&E Specialist will work as part of A&T Nigeria scale up team led by the A&T Nigeria Project Director.This specialist is responsible for providing technical and program leadership in the design, implementation and oversight of A&T Nigeria’s M&E scale up portfolio.This portfolio will be focused on the design, implementation, and monitoring of the A&T program scale up and its partners’ implementation of these.The program components include: advocacy, interpersonal communication and community mobilization, mass communication, and the strategic collection and use of data.The M&E Specialist will also develop and implement an integrated M&E system for A&T to track the inputs, processes, outputs and outcomes of each of A&T Nigeria’s core activities, whether directly carried out by A&T or by its international and local subcontractors and partners.In this regard, the Specialist will also oversee quality control and timely production of required project data, tools, materials and products relevant to M&E, including any operational research and baseline/end line surveys.This position will communicate, connect, and coordinate with other A&T HQ and A&T Nigeria office technical staff, subcontractors, partners, government and NGO stakeholders, and international donors to ensure successful design and implementation of the M&E portfolio of activities expected.Essential Job FunctionsGeneral Roles/Responsibilities:Serve as the M&E technical and program advisor to scale up partnersParticipate in various national working groups and task forces related to the National Strategic Plan of Action for NutritionFacilitate the use of data to develop and implement IYCF and IYCF-sensitive BCC programs across the 12 scale-up states as needed and possible.Support the A&T Nigeria Senior Leadership Team to integrate IYCF into public, private/commercial, and NGO sectors, organizations, and programs across the 12 scale-up statesProvide capacity building (TA and training) as needed in strategic collection and use of IYCF data.Provide in-service input to improve the quality of M&E to track the inputs, processes, outputs, and outcomes of the supervisor-health care worker-community volunteer connection to the community and households.Develop/refine M&E plans for A&T Nigeria scale up – comprehensive interventions, including suggesting possible indicators and proposing M&E strategies to collect data for chosen indicators based on the clearly outlined plan of action and developed project log-frame.Provide technical assistance on the design and implementation of qualitative studies and quantitative surveys for IYCF, including sampling strategies, survey instruments, survey implementation, data analysis, report writing, and dissemination of results. This may include household surveys, trials for improved practices (TIPS), sentinel surveillance, lot quality assurance sampling, focus group discussions, in-depth interviews.Provide technical assistance to IYCF partners & sub-grantees to develop M&E plans, including suggesting indicators and proposing data collection strategies, activities, analysis and reporting formats.Design, conduct and/or actively participate in designing & conducting short, focused evaluation exercises, operational research at designated sites, with topics determined in cooperation with public, private/commercial, and NGO sectors at national and/or state level; and A&T country office and/or HQ staff, to shed light on operational issues concerning implementation of IYCF programs. Share data and lessons learned from these exercises with local, national, and regional partners to continue to build the knowledge base of IYCF.Help interpret and disseminate data on IYCF and ensure that state and national results are reported to clients and partners.Keep abreast of international developments concerning M&E strategies for IYCF programs and share state-of-the-art information, tools, and approaches with A&T Nigeria and partnersSpecific Roles/Responsibilities include:Provide technical assistance, coordination, and implementation support to sub grantees in scale up states as requested and develop subsequent actions to fill in gaps or strengthen on-going activities.Provide technical assistance and training to stakeholders in scale up states on the strategic collection and use of data to track inputs, processes, outputs and outcomes. This will include the set-up of M&E frameworks that will track input, process, output, and impact of at-scale state advocacy, IPC and community mobilization, and mass communications activities.Other Roles/Responsibilities:Contribute to the development of A&T annual work plans, budgets and project reports, and ensure timely reporting and responses to requests for information to A&T managementActively participate in, contribute to, and in some cases conduct or facilitate major A&T program development and implementation activities (strategic planning, program presentations, advocacy and policy meetings, workshops), as appropriateWork closely with A&T Nigeria Project Director to leverage other international donor and private sector resources to complement and extend project reachPresent/disseminate program results, based on program experience, M&E and evaluation data to GON platforms, projects and partners, and other professional colleagues and organizationsOther duties as assigned

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