Memfys Hospital (MHN) Resident Doctors Postgraduate Residency Training Programme

Memfys Hospital (MHN) is a private Tertiary Hospital which was established in 2002. The hospital is positioned to offer world class clinical services for patients with diseases of brain, and spine including trauma. It also offers critical care and diagnostic services including CT and MRI.MHN is now inviting applications from suitable and qualified candidates for: Job Title: Resident Doctors Postgraduate Residency Training in NeurosurgeryLocation: EnuguPractice Area: NeurosurgeryEmployment Type: Direct HireJob DescriptionCurrently, MHN is fully accredited for training of Neurosurgeons for both the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria (NPMCN) and the West Africa College of Surgeons (WACS).The hospital has been a great asset to the people of Nigeria and environs. It has also trained many Neurosurgeons from different parts of the country.In a bid to offer a professional training opportunity to highly motivated and research-oriented doctors, MHN is now inviting applications from suitable and qualified candidates for Postgraduate Residency-Training in Neurosurgery.Explore Memfys Residency Training In NeurosurgeryThe Postgraduate Residency training is a four-year programme with well planned and packaged exposure of residents to general neurosurgery, neuro radiology and NeurologyResidents also have opportunity for six months overseas clinical exposure at our affiliate hospitals.After successful completion of the programme, outstanding specialists may be offered a permanent Consultant position at Memfys Hospital.With focus on personal and professional development, the knowledge and experience gained during training at the hospital would be a good step towards a life-changing medical career.The hospital has excellent record, at both WACS and NPMC Part II examinations. 

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