Lairage Officer Job at Metro Live Animal Transit Nigeria Limited

Job Title: Lairage Officer
Department: Operations
Location: Lagos(AGEGE)
Company: Metro Live Animal Transit Nigeria Limited (MLATNL)
Recruiter: TAC – Merger Consulting Ltd.

Immediate Supervisor: Managing Director.
Working Relationship: Operational and Management Staff

Summary: They are in charge of receiving live animals into the Lairage after ascertaining the physical condition to be good or bad. They prepare daily Lairage report which must be counter signed by the General Manager/Operation Manager.

Company brief: Metro Live Animal Transit Nigeria Limited (MLATNL) is an Agricultural support business that carries out the activities of live animal transit, logistics, distribution and sales to various abattoirs and individual customers in Lagos state.

Detailed Job Functions:
1. Manage and get involved in the safe transportation of livestock from pens to the abattoir.
2. Ensure that all Health, Safety and Environment procedures are followed at all times within the Abattoir.
3. Prepare daily Lairage report which must be counter signed by the appropriate Manager.
4. Ensure tidiness of the environment where the Livestock are kept.
5. Ensure thorough scanning of the environment by ensuring that the vicinity of the livestock are in good condition and that it is devoid of sharp objects which may be injurious to the livestock.
6. Work hand in hand with Butchers and related personnel by ensuring stock management by applying the concept of FIFO (First in First out) as well as LIFO (Last in Last Out) of Livestock.
7. Monitor the health of the Livestock and ensure proactive action are taking appropriately.
8. Work closely with drivers to ensure operational values are upheld in animal transit.

• At least OND and Previous livestock experience is required

Technical Skills:
• A strong background in farming would be advantageous
• Knowledge of animal welfare standards

Soft Transferable Skills:
• Good Communications skills
• People relational Skills

Experience: At least 1- 2 years relevant experience in related roles

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