Laboratory Scientist at eHealth Africa (eHA)

eHealth Africa designs and implements data-driven solutions and technologies to improve health systems for and with local communities. eHA’s technology works in low connectivity settings, and smartly uses data to drive decision-making by local governments and partner agencies to get optimum results. We are recruiting to fill the position below:Job Title: Laboratory ScientistLocation: Kano, KanoDepartment: eHA ClinicEmployment Type: Full-Time National EmployeePurpose of the Position The Laboratory Scientist will be expected to provide first-class services by applying skills and scientific knowledge to support accurate medical diagnoses and the well being of our patients.In this role, you will perform a variety of laboratory tests and procedures to assist in diagnosing, monitoring, treating and preventing disease.What You’ll do  The Laboratory Scientist  will work in the EHA clinic predominantly as stated below:You'll collect and analyze body fluids, tissue and other substances to determine normal or abnormal findings.You'll operate sophisticated equipment and instruments to identify the results. Both technicians and technologists perform tests and procedures that physicians or other healthcare personnel order.Maintains quality results by running standards and controls, verifying equipment function through routine equipment maintenance and advanced troubleshooting; calibrating equipment utilizing approved testing procedures; monitoring quality control measures and protocols.Identifies and communicates abnormal results by alerting supervisory personnel, the pathologist, the patient physician, or nurse.(Toxicology) identifies the presence or quantity of drugs of abuse, therapeutic drugs, and toxic substances by operating toxicology instrumentation and performing manual methods for the performance of drug screens, blood alcohol levels, and carbon monoxide levels.(Chemistry) provides test results for patient diagnosis and treatment by operating chemistry equipment; performing hand chemistries.(Hematology) provides test results for patient diagnosis and treatment by operating hematology, urinalysis, and coagulation equipment; performing manual methods of differentials.(Immunology) provides test results for patient diagnosis and treatment by operating equipment such as the gamma counter, spectrophotometer, densitometer, and through methods such as radioimmunoassay, enzyme immunoassay, and serological testing.(Microbiology) provides physician with information for treatment of patient infection by performing technical procedures for the identification or susceptibility of bacteria, parasites, fungi, and mycobacteria.(Blood bank) ensures the patient of receiving compatible blood/blood components by completing blood typing, antibody screening, compatibility testing, and antibody identification procedures.(Blood bank) assures future retrieval of patient transfusion information by preparing patient packets and maintaining blood bank database.Organizes work by matching computer orders with specimen labeling; sorting specimens; checking labeling; logging specimens; arranging reports for delivery; keeping work surfaces clean and orderly.Using a Lab Information Management System for specimen tracking, results en tray and reporting.Contributes to a safe and secure environment for patients, visitors, physicians and co-workers by following established standards and procedures; complying with legal regulations.Maintains patient’s confidence by keeping laboratory information confidential.Serves and protects the Diagnostic firm by adhering to professional standards, laboratories policies and procedures, federal, state, and local requirements, and other pre-specified standards.Enhances laboratory services and laboratory reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.Other duties as assigned from time to timePatient & Family Education/Support:Provide emotional support and measures to alleviate fear and anxiety.Assess patient and family readiness and identifying learning needs.Lead/encourage multidisciplinary approach for patient’s discharge.Develop and implement the teaching plan utilizing patient education manual.Document patient and family education.Participate in voluntary community health activities to promote, maintain and restore health and prevent diseases.Adheres to Policies and Procedures.Adheres to EHA Clinic Code of Conduct as well as ethical standards of the field. 

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