eRecruiter Nigeria helps high-tech and telecom companies in Africa to find the best people who can innovate, invent, improve operations, and deliver value. People who can define and create opportunities, change agents who can transform organisations to excel in a fast paced environment. We work with all company sizes; from start-ups to global software, hardware, and services providers.

Our high-tech and telecoms clients value our strategic understanding of their business and industry. We understand that high-tech and telecom companies face many common talent acquisition challenges. Today it is very difficult to find technical professionals within these sectors; whether it is software, IT services, digital devices, semiconductor devices or equipment, or network infrastructure. Due to the rapidly evolving and fast paced environment driven by the relentless speed of technology, the rate of emergence of new competitors, the increasing expectation of consumers and innovative business models, our clients need to focus on their core business so that we can take care of the talent bit.