Consultants – Social Works Experts at Widows and Orphans Empowerment Organization (WEWE)

Widows and Orphans Empowerment Organisation (WEWE) is a reputable national indigenous non-governmental organization implementing a USAID-funded Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) project called Local Partners Initiative for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Nigeria (LOPIN-2) in partnership with local and international organizations as well as different tiers of the Government of Nigeria at national, state, local and levels. Job Title: Consultants - Social Works Experts Locations: Anambra, Imo, Akwa Ibom and RiversDescriptionWidows and Orphans Empowerment Organisation (WEWE) is soliciting for a consultancy firm to conduct a training for our Community Volunteers, Community Improvement Team (CIT) Members and Community Case Managers (CCM) on Auxiliary Social Works using generally accepted standard and guidelineThe objective of these trainings is to improve the skills of WEWE field staff and community based volunteers, case managers and improvement teams in social workers to improve the quality of service, provision to over 40,000 orphans and vulnerable children in over 133 communities in 16 LGAs in  4 states, Anambra, Imo, Akwa Ibom and Rivers.The consultancy services will include the followingRequirements on Deployment/Training:Develop or use an existing curriculum for auxiliary social work.Conduct pre-assessment and or need assessment of participants on their current level of auxiliary social work skills.Training a total of 120 WEWE staff, community case managers, community workers and community improvement team members on auxiliary social works in 4 different sessions in each of the 4 states (Anambra, Imo, Akwa Ibom and Rivers).Develop monitoring and supervisory checklist for state offices on auxiliary social works activities.Teaching, Learning and Assessment Requirement:Design the content, structure and delivery of the training to enable auxiliary social work participants demonstrate that they have met the national occupational standards for auxiliary social works.Ensure that the teaching of theoretical knowledge, skills and values is based on their application and practice.Ensure that participant’s achievement against the required standard is regularly and accurately assessed, and confirm that they have been assessed and met all the standards before being awarded the certificate as auxiliary social workers.Ensure that the number of hours spent in structured learning under the direction of an educator is sufficient to claim that participants meet the required level of competence. This is expected to be at least 12 days or 96 hours.Ensure that principle of valuing diversity and equalities awareness are integral to the teaching and learning for participants.

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