Community Mobilization Consultant at Abt Development Foudation (Shops Plus)

Location: Kebbi, NigeriaProposed dates: July - december, 2017 (8-10 days in a month)The Local Consultant will report to Kebbi State Diarrhea Program OfficerSpecific TaskInventory of markets, churches,mosques and schools in the communities/settlements in each LGAMobilization of sensitized communities.Sensitization of unreached communities.Liaise / Link trained PPMVs in communities with demand.Liaise with state coordinator for monitoring of zinc volunteers activities in respective communities.Collate tracking documents from zinc volunteers.Liaise with respective LGA Health &Agriculture point person forcommunity mobilization.Randomly monitor product availability at PPMV shops in local communities.Monitor availability of IEC materials at PPMV shops.Improved Product Supply Saturation.Create project presence in respective LGA.Build project confidence with traditional rulers.Deliverables;Monthly Community Outreach in each LGA with active participationof relevant structures (Link Demand & Supply).Achieve information saturation in engaged local communities.Enhance project visibility at LGA levels.

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