Business Research Manager at Infomineo

Infomineo is a company dedicated to value-added business and investment research. We find, analyse, and package data for clients to make analyses, take decisions and develop their business. Our highly-skilled analysts produce original and insightful reports by leveraging global databases, performing interviews and field tasks such as customer surveys, store-checks, and focus groups coordination.We are recruiting to fill the position below:Job Title: Business Research ManagerLocation: LagosJob DescriptionThe Manager performs research, answer clients’ requests and lead a team of analysts in business and investment research.ResponsibilitiesManagement: Coaching, training, and evaluating analystsClient relationship: They are the primary point of contact of our clients, in charge of quality assurance, business development etcExpertise: They lead a team of specialists in a given field (by industry, by region or by topic)Managing a team: clarifying objectives, clarifying timeline, clarifying each team member’s responsibilitiesManaging projects: setting priorities, and budgeting time for each componentDrafting proposalsAccount ManagementTheir performance is measured in terms of:Quality: delivering accurate, verified and reliable informationAttitude: Willingness to improve and learn on the job, coaching of other team members, and helpful attitude with other members of the team, proactivity when not assigned a particular taskCreativity and resourcefulness: ability to hunt the information using different tools with a focus on resultsEffectiveness: ability to work in a productive way (prioritizing tasks, staying focused,etc)Being 100% reliable and to deliver on timePrioritization and Time Management: Managing deadline expectations: intermediary deadlines, and final deadlines.

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