Blender/Syrub Mixer at Giant Beverages Limited

Giant Beverages Limited is a new manufacturing company engaged in the production of natural and healthy non-alcoholic beverages. As a corporate entity, we produce products of the highest quality and are committed to delivering quality service to our customers. Giant Beverages drinks are produced with the finest natural ingredients to meet high quality standards.   Job Description Pulp content determination.Juice preparation.Pulp distribution.Pulp macerations determination.Mixer operator and Intermix.Cleaning in process {C.I.P}Maintenance of safety standardTo always ensure the proper measurement of the correct quantities of compound mixture of samples required.To make sure that CIP is done in accordance with the operating standard for the needed equipment, i.e. Pasteurizer, Filler etc.To ensure 5S is maintained at all times within the Process Area and surroundings.To make sure that that proper sterilization is done before sending the product to the line.To make sure that all leakages connected to the Pasteurizer are eliminated promptly.To ensure that the operating conditions and parameters are maintained during Pasteurization.To always ensure that CIP is carried out before commencing the productionTo ensure that LOTO is done during any maintenance work carried out in the Blending room.To ensure that daily production target are met via hourly monitoring of production.To ensure that the right quality of final products is maintained at all times.  

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