Automotive Specialist at Hamilton Lloyd and Associates

Hamilton Lloyd and Associates - Our client is a global package delivery service company. Due to internal vacancies, they are looking to hire suitable qualified candidates in the capacities below:Job Title: Automotive SpecialistLocation: LagosJob SummaryThe Automotive Specialist works with the Industrial Engineering Supervisor to provide automotive data and to analyze and implement automotive processes and procedures.He / She promotes safety and compliance in automotive facilities. The Automotive Specialist also works on special projects as requested.Job ResponsibilitiesEnforces and Maintains Regulatory Agency Compliance:Follows guidelines outlined in the automotive procedures manuals and automotive environmental manual to ensure that procedures comply with regulatory agency requirements, company policies, and federal, state, and local laws.Maintains time sensitive list to document and enforce compliance with regulatory agency requirements, company policy, and federal, state, and local laws, and reports data to Human Resources.Maintains legal, regulatory, and safety data integrity to ensure compliance.Manages Automotive Vendor Relationships.Conducts price comparisons between vendors to control supply and repair costs.Assists the management team in preparing repair orders and contacts vendors for outside service when necessary to obtain proper approval and service.Verifies that outside vendors are in compliance with contract agreements, including maintaining current licensure and insurance.Reconciles invoices to ensure funds and payments are allocated appropriately and in a timely fashion.Audits and Reports Automotive Cost Effectiveness Data:Audits fuel and oil system to ensure vehicles receive necessary repairs and maintenance.Generates reports to assist the management team in monitoring mechanics’ time cards to ensure appropriate pay, billing, and coverage with minimal overtime.Tracks component failures and replacements to identify and respond to equipment failure trends.Assists the management team in monitoring key expense indices (e.g., fuel, replacement parts, tires, labor hours, etc.) to resolve discrepancies, identify & implement cost-saving strategies, and provide feedback to appropriate levels in the organization.Takes corrective action with vendors, Material Distribution Center staff, and equipment manufacturers to resolve warranty concerns.Adheres to purchasing limits, expense approval procedures, and equipment disposal guidelines to remain within cost plan.Conducts Automotive Inventory Controls:Performs periodic physical inventory audits to validate inventory status.Researches inventory discrepancies to identify root causes and develop process improvements.Prepares inventory-based reports to document status and for use in analyses.Manages Automotive Disposal Authorization.Processes and inputs non-power (e.g., trailers, dollies, etc.) and power (i.e., feeders, package cars, etc.) equipment information into Automotive’s databases to track and manage the equipment.Researches equipment documentation issues to resolve problems (e.g., inaccuracies, omitted data, etc.).Validates and uploads ADA documents in Automotive’s database to distribute electronically to RegionAutomotive Managers:Responds to Road Service CallsTakes calls and records critical information and time of call to ensure timely response.Makes arrangements for mechanic assistance or tow truck to prevent service failure.Follows up with drivers to ensure that responses occur within time requirements and to verify that assistance has arrived.Contacts Feeder or Package Center to provide updates on developments to ensure that service commitments are met.Conducts Research:Uses the research problem to guide relevant data gathering and benchmarking; develops a working knowledge of literature related to the research problem; minimizes personal biase that may impact the research process or outcomes; gathers data that represent all sides of the business case.Detail Orientation:Distinguishes between “big picture” concepts and comments and specialized, smaller specific facts associated with work; notes the specifics of events and experiences; explains, in general, how details impact end goals or outcomes; ensures that work is completed accurately and with the appropriate level of detail.Report Generation:Addresses and resolves issues impacting information systems reporting; looks for ways to minimize report generation and required storage; modifies existing report formats; create and interprets customized reports; integrates data, information, and documents from multiples software programs; writes more complex report queries.

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