Animal Breeder (Poultry) at Rossland Group

Rossland Group since the year 2000 provides market research and management consulting services to clients in the private and public sectors within and outside Nigeria. In 2013, it expanded the scope of its services to include Professional Background Screening and Business Brokerage. In 2015 and 2016, it added franchise consulting and recruitment services respectively. We are recruiting to fill the vacant position below:Job Title: Animal Breeder (Poultry)Location: AbujaJob DescriptionRossland is recruiting for the position of Poultry Breeder in a farm within Abuja.DutiesRaising chicks involves feeding and watering the animals, as well as disinfecting their quarters.Breeders also monitor the chickens' health, taking action on any signs of disease or injury.While raising the chicks, these professionals track food consumption and body weight in order to breed lean, healthy chickens for meat processing and fertile layers for egg production.Lastly, breeders record chicken size, health, and other factors in order to determine which breeds produce the highest quality offspring. 

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